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Dubai, UAE, 10th November 2023, Limited liquidity is a common challenge faced by decentralized exchanges (DEXes). It is caused by the fact that the liquidity of different DEXes is not interconnected between different DEXes, making it challenging even for experienced users to access and analyze multiple pools quickly. As each pool has varying prices and constantly changing liquidity levels, crypto traders struggle to find the most suitable and profitable conditions and prices, especially for medium and high-volume transactions, and make an informed decision about their trades. Another connected issue is high price slippage that can negatively affect transactions even more, making the whole experience of trading in DeFi complicated, long, and nerve-racking.

The Kinetex widget has addressed these problems by integrating DEXes through reliable DEX aggregators and uniting them into one extensive ecosystem, which is easily accessible through an intuitive interface.

Kinetex aims to provide access to over 100 DEXes with the help of reputable and trusted aggregators, including 1inch, Matcha, OpenOcean, Paraswap, Bogged, and 1Sol. These aggregators’ algorithms will search, prioritize, and optimize routes to achieve the best deals for Kinetex users.

Such a vast ecosystem of decentralized exchanges and aggregators will enable Kinetex to have almost limitless liquidity. All those sources will continuously maintain adequate levels of liquidity, allowing Kinetex to build profitable routes for users 24/7. Furthermore, Kinetex search algorithms will be able to divide swaps, if needed, and use liquidity from different DEXes to maximize user profits. To enhance user experience even more, Kinetex will carry out user transactions atomically and almost instantly within a single network.

This way, Kinetex users will be able to swap assets easily and seamlessly, leaving the hassle of comparing prices on various exchanges behind.

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Millie James

Millie James is an American real estate investor and Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship, Emeritus at Business School.